About us

Sägewerk Finkbeiner has excellent traffic connections. It is situated near the B33 artery, literally in the middle of the Black Forest’s best areas of cultivation where sustainable forestry (PEFC-certified) has been practised for years.

Our company being situated right in the middle of the beautiful Black Forest allows us to meet special customer specifications and to supply them fast. We can quickly choose the right strength and quality and produce the ordered product forthwith.

And more than 200 customers all over Europe, but especially in Germany and France, do already enjoy and highly value our consistent quality.

Our excellent sales pattern over the past few decades has been based upon long-standing and fair partnerships with our suppliers and customers. Finkbeiner KG is now the largest sawmill in the Schwarzwald-Baar district and employs more than 75 people. In order to keep and build upon our products’ high quality standard, we also train and qualify young people.

Das Unternehmen Finkbeiner KG in Triberg-Steinbissäge