Products / services

Portfolio / standard ranges of products

•  Construction timber (by List)
Head rails    
•  Square-shaped timber     
•  Floor boards       
•  Plank truss boards    
•  Glued wood slats    
•  Laths S10     
•  Rough-planed timber   
          •  Form boards
•  Planed products   
•  Rough bungs
•  Pallets
•  Wood chips in TMP quality
•  Saw dust
•  Rinde

Of course, all other dimensions will also be cut as specified by our customers.

For our staff, your satisfaction always comes first.

We at Finkbeiner’s ...

... have a huge range of products and services;
... use the precious commodity of timber carefully;
... want to entertain long-term and fair partnerships
     with our customers and business partners;
... make super-fast deliveries anywhere in Europe;
... are at your disposal if you want more information.

E-Mail us your request or give us a call. We look forward to it.

The production process:

Log ground     Sawmill     Processing     Drying     Impregnation     Logistics