Our huge stock of standard products and our huge flexibility allow us to process your orders in a very short period of time. We guarantee you a punctual delivery by our long-standing forwarding partners.

The trucks carrying the logs are unloaded in 30-minute intervals, all day from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Since we are situated in a narrow valley, this poses quite a few organisational challenges.

We only use one particular service provider to transport our products. This allows us to do all the urgently required work in the forests very fast indeed (removal of logs, cable crane etc.)

We and our suppliers use GPS to direct the trucks.

Finkbeiner KG is the right partner for you if you want to fine-tune things or have, for example, logs that have to be removed fast and efficiently.

Logistik / Lieferung / Transport
Langholztransport mit dem Rundholz-LKW