The “Steinbissäge“’s history goes back more than 300 years to Gutachtal/Schwarzwald. The Finkbeiner family has run the “Säge- und Hobelwerk” (saw- and planing mill) since 1922, in its fifth generation now.

Our excellent sales pattern over the past few decades has been based upon long-standing and fair partnerships with our suppliers and customers. 

Finkbeiner KG is now the largest sawmill in the Schwarzwald-Baar district and employs more than 75 people. In order to keep and build upon our products’ high quality standard, we also train and qualify young people.

1905: Holztransport mit Pferden
1905: Holztransport mit Pferden


18th century   Birth of the Steinbissäge

Sawmill bought by Andreas Finkbeiner, which his son Theophil Finkbeiner runs as a branch of “Finkbeiner und Klumpp KG“.


Finkbeiner KG branch becomes a company in its own right: “Gebrüder Finkbeiner KG“.

1957   First side loader bought from Irion and conversion to package loading.
1959   First log ground built.

First log crane and first planing machine installed.


First boiler and a 6m-long drying chamber for the planed products.

1970   After the death of Theophil Finkbeiner, Waldemar Finkbeiner becomes general partner and his brother Fritz Finkbeiner limited partner.
1973   New WD log frame saw with a 760mm opening and width adjustment bought.
1976   Installation of a LINCK debarking plant at the log ground.
1980   First machining shed built, including a LINCK true-run machining line for smallwood.
1988   After Fritz Finkbeiner has left the company, Waldemar’s son, Andreas Finkbeiner, becomes the new limited partner. Legal form changed to “Finkbeiner KG“.
1989   New log ground with Wurster & Dietz machines. Made possible by the tunnel and reconstructed road.
1993   Andreas Finkbeiner becomes general partner and Waldemar Finkbeiner limited partner.
1994   Old Linck planing line disassembled. New modern WD planing line with first-cut chipper and re-cut chipper and circular saw. Roséns Maskin company installs a new sorting plant with 60 boxes and a stacking machine. Log frame sawmill then shut down.
2000   New heating system by Mawera and two new large drying chambers.
2001   Demolition of the old log frame saw shed and a new planing and band resaw line installed.
2003   Sennebogen log rehandling excavator replaces the Bohn crane.
2006   Entire WD machining line replaced by new LINCK shaping technology.
2009   Installation of new band saw.
2014   Construction of a biomass heating plant and seven additional drying plants.

Acquisitions of former hardwood sawmill Breithaupt located in Hornberg as a storage location and expansion capability.

2016   Installation of a new machine that restacks timber packages with a length up to 6,5 m.

Waldemar Finkbeiner retired after 47 years as a part of the management and died in the same year. His grandchild Peter Finkbeiner and son of the general partner Andreas Finkbeiner becomes the new limited partner.

    Installation of a REX planing machine.

Installation of a sprinkler system in all production areas with a 730 m³ watertank.

    Construction of a warehouse for dried timber with a size of 1.800m².
    Installation of a remote-controlled Vacuum-Stacking-Robot for timber up to 1000kg and a length of 12m.

Renovation of Administration Building.

    Sennebogen E835e log rehandling excavator replaces the old one.
    New log ground with Springer and Jörg Elektronik machines.
Meilensteine des Unternehmens

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