A warm welcome to Finkbeiner KG Säge- und Hobelwerk in Triberg / Schwarzwald, Germany.

Sustainable forestry (PEFC-certified) over many years and the resultant high quality have made timber coming from the Black Forest a coveted commodity all over Europe and in France in particular. Sägewerk Finkbeiner gets its logs from these top areas of cultivation and processes about 200,000 solid cubic metres of timber p.a., which is about 32 truck loads a day.

We rely on partnerships and fair relationships with our customers and suppliers and a responsible use of the resources found in our forests. This has made us what we are, namely:

A dependable partner who is flexible and competent when rendering services and making deliveries; a partner with a huge range of products, e.g. spruce/fir construction timber, head rails, square-shaped timber, floor boards, laths, form boards, plank truss boards, moulded chamber-bevel moulding boards and rounds, groove and tongue boards and groove and tongue rough bungs. We deliver high quality by default!

So what can we do for you? E-mail us your request or give us a call. We look forward to it.


Finkbeiner KG Säge- und Hobelwerk in Triberg / Schwarzwald



Neubau 2014 Zeitraffer / Timelapse

Im Jahre 2014 investierten wir in ein neues Biomasse Heizkraftwerk mit einer angegliederten doppelstöckigen Produktions- und Lagerhalle. Zusätzlich wurde der gesamte Betrieb von Niederdruckdampf auf Warmwasser umgerüstet. Durch ein betriebseigenes Nahwärmenetz werden somit unter anderem auch sieben neue Trockenkammern versorgt.